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S P A    P O L I C I E S




​All appointments are required to keep a valid Debit/Credit Card on file in order to hold your appointment slot and for no show protection.  (Please refer to our cancellation policies) 


No children under 12 years of age unless accompanied by an adult at all times.


At Chateau Blanc Lash And Beauty Lounge, we pride ourselves on being a professional organization. Friendliness and respectful conduct is part of our general mindset. We expect all of our employees to treat each other and our clients with the utmost respect and care and to receive the same in return from our clients. Misbehaving clients will be asked to leave and not return. A $35 cancellation fee will apply. Note: Chateau Blanc Lash And Beauty Lounge reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and for any reason.



Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time so you can fill out a brief health and release form.



For your relaxation, enjoyment and privacy, and that of our guests, please speak quietly during your visit at the spa and turn off or silence your cell phone.



Gratuities are greatly appreciated (cash preferable) and left to your discretion, although 18-20% is customary.


It is the responsibility of the Spa customer to disclose any and all medical conditions which may affect if and how services may be performed. In the event a medical condition is disclosed or arises, that might be affected by our services/products, Chateau Blanc Lash and Beauty Lounge and its staff may require the client to provide a medical clearance form, signed by a doctor, in order to provide additional services. Chateau Blanc Lash and Beauty Lounge, its staff, and its owners are not responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of its products and/or services. See manufacturer labels for product and condition related warnings.



  •  Less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the scheduled service - OR - $35 fee (whichever is greater)

  •  No show / Missed appointments will result in a charge equal to 100% of the scheduled service - OR - $35 Fee (whichever is greater) 

  • Appointments made WITHIN the 24 hours of your appointment are subject to a cancellation fee of $35, if canceled within 4 hours of your appointment.

  •  After 1 last minute reschedule on your client account, you will be charged 100% of the service. Last minute rescheduling means any appointment rescheduled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. We do understand emergencies arise, and things happen which my cause you to reschedule. The first last minute reschedule is FREE.

  • If the rescheduled appointment is DELETED or CANCELED and not fulfilled, then the Last Minute Cancellation policy will apply. - (100% of the service or $35 fee). All rescheduled appointments must be fulfilled in order to by pass any last minute cancellation fees.

  • All appointments will be required to have a valid credit card on file to deter No Shows/Last Minute Cancellations.




  • Should you decide to cancel your service series within 30 days, Chateau Blanc Lash and Beauty Lounge will charge you full price for the visits you already used and issue a refund for any remaining balance due. 

  • A cancellation form must be submitted to cancel any service series before the 30 days to be exempt from the cancellation fee. 


  • After 30-days, should you decide to cancel your service series, there is a $35 cancellation fee.

  •  Chateau Blanc Lash and Beauty Lounge will charge you full price for the visits you already used, in addition to the cancellation fee and issue a store credit for any remaining balance due.

  • A cancellation form must be submitted to cancel any service series after 30 says


​Forms can be obtained by calling Chateau Blanc Lash and Beauty Lounge (813-533-7275), emailing: or visiting our location. 



  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of our services and service series discounts, any service series CANNOT be redeemed for any other services that differ from what is listed in the agreement.

  • Series services once purchased, cannot be exchanged for anything else.
    For example: If you purchase a service series for leg waxing, that cannot be transferred to an eyelash extension service, even if the prices are the same.

  • If the service to be used is an upgrade: 
    For example: If you have a bikini line service and upgraded to a Brazilian wax, guests will use their service series and pay the difference of the upgrade. Upgrade cost will be calculated using original prices. 



  • Service series can be transferred or gifted from one guest to another, for a $10 Fee per transfer.
    For example: A guest would like to give one of her eyebrow wax service series to a friend for her birthday. The guest would pay $10 to have the service transferred to her friend. 


  • Transfer fee will never exceed $10. Payment is due upon redemption of service, OR prepaid beforehand.

  • There is no limit to how many times a service series can be transferred. Service series do not expire. 

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